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TR PDX - 12

I can’t say that Portland would rank as one of my favorites cities (it was more M’s cup of tea), but it was definitely a lot of fun.¬†Portland does a great job of advertising its city with a very useful website and mobile app. I’d…


TR SF-Frances - 5

I honestly don’t even remember how I heard of Frances, but I somehow knew it was supposed to be good. Last minute attempts to lock down reservations proved unfruitful, so Chris and I decided to head there early in hopes of scoring seats at the…

Frances: Solid California fare in San Francisco

TR SF-Tartine - 04

On a weekend trip to San Francisco, CA this summer, I was expecting sunny, pleasant walks in tanks and shorts, but was unfortunately met with gloomy, drizzly October-type weather. Chris and I walked around dressed for early winter. Not cool. What was cool, though, was…

Tartine Bakery: The perfect solution to a San Francisco gloomy day

TR Yamakase - 06

I’d heard and read of the awesome-ness that is Yamakase¬†for a while, so I was pretty excited about trying it out. First of all, this place (unlike Urasawa) lets you take pictures. Second, it’s BYOB. Third, it’s omakase. All signs lead to a great dining…

Yamakase: BYOB Japanese in Palms

TR Austin - 33

Friday: Our “girls weekend trip” in Austin started out at the flagship Whole Foods Market, where we moseyed through the aisles, sampled some kale chips and pesto dip, walked through the beer cooler that randomly stood smack in the middle of the market (sorry M,…

A weekend in Austin, TX




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